Gastronomy in Aying

How it all began...

Hospitality has a long tradition in Aying: As early as 1385, Hans the Ayinger was granted the right to run a tavern. For over 200 years, the Inselkammer family has been responsible for the physical well-being of guests, now already in the 7th generation.

  • Maria und August Zehentmair
  • Origin of gastronomy in Aying - today's Wirtsstube in the manor house
  • In the 60s, ties were still compulsory.
  • Maria Zehentmaier in the circle of the family.
  • The restaurant in the 60s.
  • At this time the restaurant was still grilling.
  • Then as now - the open fireplace in the restaurant.
  • An innovation - "show cooking" in the restaurant.
  • That has not changed - personal, warm hospitality.
  • Formerly restaurant - today the new bar area.
  • The wedding photo of August and Maria Zehentmair.
  • A traditional economy...

The long tradition of Bavarian hospitality.


Johann Liebhard laid the first important foundation stone for the success story of Aying’s gastronomy in 1878 with the founding of the Aying brewery. Because even back then it was true that good food goes hand in hand with good drinks!
Johann Liebhard’s daughter, Maria Zehentmair, and her husband August (grandparents of senior brewer Franz Inselkammer) laid another important foundation stone in the truest sense of the word in 1923 with the construction of the brewery inn on the site where it still stands today (previously, guests had been served across the street in what is now the manor house).
Almost 100 years later, the rooms of our restaurant in the brewery inn were therefore named after "August and Maria" as a reminder.
After the early and unexpected death of August Zehentmair on March 5, 1936 (at the age of only 56), his eldest daughter Maria Kreszenz and her husband, estate and inn owner Franz Inselkammer from Siegertsbrunn, took over the business. Franz and Maria Inselkammer remodeled the inn in 1963 and expanded the hotel to 19 rooms. Under Maria Inselkammer's management, the restaurant develops into one of the best in Germany.
The manager of the inn is a gifted chef from Alsace. He introduces compulsory ties – for those times an unheard of undertaking for an inn in the countryside. His great cooking skills do not go unnoticed and he is rewarded with a Michelin star.
In 1991, the current manager Angela Inselkammer takes up her position at the brewery inn and successfully leads the business into the next millennium. In 2008, the 7th generation enters with daughter Ursula, married Hollweck.
For decades, the restaurant has been among the best in Germany, and with Tobias Franz – head chef since 2021 – it has made another leap forward: the Brauereigasthof has already been classified several times as "Excellent Bavarian Cuisine" with the highest rating and climbed to 479th place in the ranking of the best restaurants in Germany, and even to 97th place Bavaria-wide.
More and more local products, including a variety from their own garden and hunting or the family’s own happy chickens or busy bees are finding their way under chef Tobias Franz and are finely implemented in his creations. Such a long tradition also obliges some dishes to remain on the menu as classics. The Ayinger apple pancake for example, or a tender plate meat can be found there as well as the surprising grill creations of whole beef, interpreted differently every day and always a pleasure with seasonal side dishes.
A special embellishment has been made to our host garden this year. Actually it seems as if it has always been there, our rose roof. Made of black steel elements by the Ayinger Kunstschmied and decorated with a hand-painted "rose canopy", it offers guests the best conditions to spend a cozy summer evening in Aying on the specially installed sofa bench. A glass of sparkling wine rosè perhaps as an aperitif? You see, this is how it could begin, the beautiful inn garden evening under the rose canopy.