Sometimes being on the road is a little like coming home...

What exactly does true style look like? Exactly, it is found in individuality, superior quality, and state of the art comfort. These thoughts became our guideline in order to combine tradition with modernity. All of the above aimed at getting you out of the grind, that you may marvellously relax, and sleep heavenly – may your trip turn into pure joy.

48 rooms furbished individually, while they are not lacking any modern amenities. Fine materials, well matched colours, and a neck for details emphasize the historic ambience and add a personal touch.

We have dedicated ourselves to every corner of the Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying, in order to create a snug atmosphere for you, where you will be able to enjoy all the wonderful moments to the fullest, that a day will give.

Rooms at the Guest House

Rooms at the Manor House

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible and to check your desired date for your stay, you are welcome to send us your non-binding enquiry for your reservation or contact us at:

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