Customs and Traditions


It is very important to us to preserve traditions and to bring Bavarian traditions to life in our unique establishment right in the middle of an idyllic Upper-Bavarian village both for ourselves and our guests. You are warmly invited to come to us at any time of the year to take part in and enjoy our special festivals, Saint’s Days and all other occasions when we celebrate Bavarian culture, customs and traditions.


February 2nd


St. Andreas in Aying, the candles are blessed. The candles are then subsequently presented to our hotel guests and the guests in our restaurant »August und Maria« 

March 1 to 24, 2024


During Lent we serve the Aying Celebrator, our multi-award winning Doppelbock. The brewery director Helmut Erdmann gives the strong-beer speech at the strong-beer festival in the Aying Brewery Snuggery.

March 19th


A beautiful St. Joseph’s Day may promise a good year. This is one of the main celebrations on the Roman-Catholic calendar, and on this day we would like to treat all people who have their Saint’s Day to enjoy a free beer in the Aying Brewery Snuggery.

March 24th, 2024


Come and experience the traditional blessing of the palms and the procession on the last Sunday of Lent and a week before Easter which take place in Aying. On this day our hotel guests receive a bunch of box-tree cuttings from us to have blessed.

March 29 to April 1, 2024


In our restaurant »August und Maria«, we will be serving our traditional Easter dishes. Egg-based dishes on Holy Thursday, fish specialities on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday
 blessed lamb or fawn amongst other things. 


April 12, 2024


Our traditional spring singing is an integral part of the Ayinger cultural calendar and has always guaranteed a top-class folk music evening.


Every 5 years


In Aying, the Maypole is erected by the local bachelors’ club, the Ayinger Burschenverein, in the very traditional manner using the long wooden poles known as Scherenstangen. Over 100 young bachelors erect the 52 metre tall and 10 tonne Maypole once every five years. Next erecting date: May 1, 2024.

May 9, 2024


While things are more cosy and relaxed in the Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying and in our restaurant »August und Maria«, in the Aying Brewery Snuggery on the other hand, Father’s Day is celebrated with live traditional Bavarian music.

May 18 to 20, 2024


Whitsunday is also regarded in church tradition as the day on which the church was founded. Come and enjoy a long weekend in our unique hotel and get to know the many beautiful churches in and around Aying. 

May 30, 2024


One of the most important dates on the Christian calendar during which the living presence of Jesus Christ is celebrated in the sacrament of the Eucharist. This day is traditionally celebrated with a Corpus Christi procession.

June 21th


The night of St. John’s Eve is not only regarded as the shortest night of the year because of the midsummer bonfires that are traditionally lit on this night. It is also a tradition in our hotel on this evening that we hang up wreaths made of herbs and plants on the doors of our guests rooms in order to protect them from ghosts and demons who used to come out to haunt the living on this night.

August 15th


It is a tradition to collect herbs and to create a bouquet made up of seven different types of herbs. The blessed bouquet of herbs protects the house and farm, as well as health.


September 29th


The old saying »Michael enkindles the light« refers to the fact that in times past, after the feast day of the Archangel Michael, it had to be worked by candle light, and that was through until Candlemas. It was also the beginning of the brewing year.

October 10 to 14, 2024

Ayinger Bräukirta

A traditional Aying brewing fair with big craft and farmers’ market. Sunday is an open day at the brewery. Enjoy Aying fair beer and tasty treats in the festival tent with beer garden, fried and sweet foods from the stands and many children’s attractions.

October 20, 2024


In our restaurant »August und Maria«, we will be serving our traditional parish-fair menu of roast goose or duck on the third weekend in October. In addition to this, we will also have home-made parish-fair noodles, a raised pastry with sugar that is baked while floating in clarified butter. 

November 8, 2024


Promoting bavarian customs has always been a matter close to our hearts and an integral part of our inn philosophy. We are therefore very pleased to be able to welcome you to a top-class folk music evening in autumn.


November 1st


November 1st is the only on the Church calendar on which all saints are commemorated. It is on the quiet church holidays on which, for example, no dance events are allowed to take place. In addition to mass, there is a special prayer service held in the Church of St. Andreas.

To be announced


At the end of the farming year, this magnificent highlight is celebrated. A pilgrimage to honour St. Leonhard, the patron saint of horses and cattle. Already in the very early hours of the morning, the quadrigas with wonderfully decorated wagons come from near and far and parade through the Bavarian parishes.

November 11th


There are various theories about the origin of the tradition of preparing goose on the feast day of St. Martin. One thing we can say for certain though is: In our restaurant »August und Maria«, on the feast of St. Martin we will be serving lovingly and skilfully prepared goose dishes.

December 4th


One of the set customs on St. Barbara’s Day is the cutting off of branches from a cherry or apple tree and putting them in water. These branches should blossom until Christmas Eve and so brighten the dark winter period somewhat. And because the blossoming Barbara branches are meant to bring luck for the following year, on St. Barbara’s Day we give all our guests small Barbara branches.

Every year


While some celebrate in snug and cosy rooms and others can’t wait to get to the annual Christmas market in the garden of the Aying Brewery Snuggery, the little ones are most looking forward to the visit of Father Christmas. But all our guests will be spoiled, however, with traditional Christmas dishes in our restaurant »August und Maria«.

January 6th


Just as the tradition says, in Aying the carol singers Caspar, Melchior und Balthazar go from house to house. While you enjoy being spoiled by our kitchen team, the carol singers move through the village and also leave their sign C + M + B at our hotel in order to bless it.