Personal and heart-felt hospitality is something that we have fostered and cherished in Aying for generations. In the listed Manor House building, this tradition continues to be lived in a very particular way: The house in which the family had lived in the past was carefully restored and renovated, and reopened as an extension to the hotel in 2009.

What used to be the centre of family life, since its renovation in 2009, it has become a place where people meet and become friends in a welcoming and caring atmosphere.

Each of the 14 rooms is named after a member of one of the family’s seven generations. And just as individual in character as each of those who once called this house home were, the rooms are each decorated in the same, very individual way. And each room is a jewel in the hotel’s crown, in which our guests can get a real feel for the long and rich history of the building.

But that is most certainly not all: A library with old books and an open fire-place, the large and atmospheric room which is connected with what was the kitchen of the old Manor House, and a professional equipped conference room make the Manor House a very attractive location for all types of celebrations or conferences in the Munich area - irrespective of whether private or business related.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere and allow yourself to be swept away by the magical historic atmosphere.