Quality from the region

Without them we would only be half as good

At this point we would like to introduce some of our suppliers. Only through the high quality standards of our partners for each individual product is it at all possible for us to prepare typical regional specialties for you at this level.

Kontrollierte Herkunft

Gutshof Polting

Under the motto "Quality from Tradition" we are constantly striving to produce the very highest quality of our food. This is achieved in harmony and responsible interaction with the nature that surrounds us and the knowledge of farming tradition.

The quantity of products offered remains limited and depends on natural conditions and seasons.

Bestes Bio-Rindfleisch

Gut Spielberg

Our constant commitment to preserving and passing on values is also reflected in our sustainable cattle breeding. In doing so, we give our animals the appreciation they deserve and the time they need to grow up healthy and happy in the spirit of nature and creation.
Best organic beef. Straight from the producer - quality you can see and taste.

Aus der Region

Kaninchenhof Hermann

For more than 30 years we have been breeding and marketing rabbit meat and rabbit meat products in our family-run farm. Thus, everything comes from one source in a closed cycle.
Our philosophy primarily pursues the welfare of the animals, because only in this way can we produce a product of the highest quality, which we can pass on to our customers with a clear conscience.

Aus der Nachbargemeinde

Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten

For more than 30 years, the best organic meat, organic sausages and organic ham have been produced in Herrmannsdorf according to the principle of the company's founder Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth: "Those who treat the soil and animals and produce food for people bear a high level of responsibility. Artisanal, traditional, equally committed to animals and humans. The meat is slaughtered exclusively on the farm and immediately processed by our butchers using the warm meat method. Handmade life means in the highest ecological quality!

Gemüse mit Herz


The diversity of crops, which is nowadays almost lost, and thus the diversity of taste are a matter close to our hearts.  The preservation as well as the taste of different vegetables is in the foreground.
The "products" are produced with a lot of loving handwork and of course organically - so to speak "handmade vegetables" for everyone who appreciates the conscious handling of nature and quality of life.

World-class products from all over the world


Grischa Euler, himself a master of his trade, supplies us with hand-picked, high-quality, fresh products for our guesthouse kitchen. The name KOCHSTOFF stands for pure enjoyment, the highest quality and a love of really good products that make it fun to prepare culinary experiences.

Tartufo di Qualita

La Bilancia

Since 1985, the highest product knowledge and the most accurate selection of truffles have given La Bilancia a unique leading position in the international truffle trade.
The respect for nature and the uncompromising search for the best quality and freshness ensure the worldwide success.



März Fleischgroßhandel stands for meat expertise, best quality and freshness. In Munich's Schlachthofviertel, traditional craftsmanship and a love of meat and animals have been combined for over 100 years.
Thus, Wilhelm März Fleischgroßhandel is now managed by master butcher Bruno März in the second generation.

Tölzer Kasladen

Mein Affineur

Since 1972, the Tölzer Kasladen has brought in only artisan cheeses of the highest quality to be ripened to perfection in its own ripening rooms.
All of them are high-quality, artisan cheeses, without chemical additives or genetic modification, which come from carefully selected farm and village cheese dairies, alpine farms and monasteries.

Mit Herz und Hand

Konditorei Momm

Lived passion - this is what the confectionery Momm already stands for in the 3rd generation. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, which we process into sweet works of art. Birthday, wedding or simply when there is something to celebrate – we deliver the sweet icing on the cake, from the matching cake to the candy bar. In doing so, we always remain true to one motto: Here, the goods do not run off the production line, here they are still created with heart and hand.


Tegernseer Land

The high-quality nature of hay milk, which is characterized by a natural aroma, a special germ spectrum and a low level of butyric acid bacteria, has a decisive influence on the production, taste and texture of the cheese made from it. However, the very special advantage of hay milk is that it can be processed without additives and preservatives, making it the basis for genuine natural products.


Becker Landgraf

The wines already experience their character in the vineyard. In the cellar we exploit our creative freedom, each for himself and yet both together. In order to produce multilayered and authentic wines, we do without all treatment agents and ferment the wines with wild yeasts also again in wooden barrels. Our wines remain as natural as they have grown and have corners and edges like us.


Bickel Stumpf

Our winery has a very special history: it came into being in 1976 when Carmen Bickel and Reimund Stumpf decided to merge - both privately and professionally.
This united two outstanding Franconian terroirs and laid the foundation for our family, which today lives and works in two different places.



With around 180 hectares of total vineyard area, the Juliusspital winery is one of the most renowned German wineries. The vineyard holdings are spread across all Franconian areas, from the Lower Main to the Steigerwald.
Due to the diversity of sites and thus of soils and microclimates, the Juliusspital wines represent all varieties of Franconian wine.


Schmitt’s Kinder

Based on over 1200 years of documented wine culture in Franconia, the family winery Schmitt's Kinder in Randersacker has vineyards there in all the renowned vineyard sites.
On these warm shell limestone slopes along the Main River, top wines of Silvaner, Riesling and Pinot Noir are produced.


Hans Wirsching

Fine minerality and expressive character: Already in its 16th generation, Franconia's leading family winery produces top wines. Gipskeuper characterizes the terroir of our sites, of which the Julius-Echter-Berg is the most famous. Dry Silvaner, Scheureben and Rieslings are the specialties of the estate.
Highest recognition and top rankings in tastings at home and abroad are the success of the quality philosophy.