Water, hop, malt and yeast

Brewery Tours

During a tour through our family-run speciality brewery, you will learn a lot of very interesting information on beer culture and the enjoyment of beer in Bavaria - from what ingredients are used, to the various steps involved in the brewing process, and through to the delicious final product.

You can experience how the well-known and multi-award winning Aying beers are created from barley, hops and water in one of Europe’s most technically advanced breweries.

Our experienced brewery guides will show and explain to you general interesting facts about this staple of the Bavarian diet, and about our beers in particular during normal on-going operation.

Dates for the public brewery tour in German language:

Every Thursday at 6 pm
Every Saturday at 10 am

The tour takes approximately 2 hours, includes a beer tasting

The tour costs €12 for adults


Our award-winning Aying beer specialities can also be tasted afterwards of course. We also serve our Aying draff (spent grain) bread during the beer tasting - made according to our home-made recipe.

We will also provide you with information on our private brewery tours personally:

+49 8095 8890