The Brewery snuggery, which is a popular destination for excursions right at the heart of Aying, is a house full history. In 1820 Franz and Katharina Liebhard (the Great-, Great-, Great-, Great-Grandparents of the current Brew of Aying, Franz Inselkammer) the agriculture-and forestry with a tavern. In 1878 their grandchild Liebhard served own brewed beer here for the very first time.

It goes without saying that the focus lies on the “Bred of the Bavarians”, which probably has earned nowhere else in the world its status as staple food but here: the terrific beer of Aying. At an open bar covered with copper the guests can witness how the beer is tapped freshly from the barrel. There are eleven different kinds found on the menu, which on top offers traditional Bavarian hearty cuisine.

At the heart of the brewery is of course the »Bavarians’ Bread«, something that has not earned its reputation as a staple food more than anywhere else in the world: the full-bodied Aying beer. At the open, copper-clad bar, the guest can see how the beer is freshly filled from the barrel. There is a total of 11 different beers on the menu to choose from, as well as traditional Bavarian dishes as the perfect accompaniment to one of the great tasting beers.

The beer garden was renovated in spring 2016. At the large tables, beer banks with backrest and an open view of the historical Sixthof, a freshly draughted Aying beer tastes twice as good.