What's going on in Aying

Event Calendar

In our unique establishment, »there is always something going on«. You can enjoy some of the culinary delights on offer, celebrate traditional festivities, or take part in seminars or courses – enjoy some wonderful, relaxing and event-packed days in Aying.


January till March

Cheese fondue in our Troadkasten

Our Troadkasten - a historical gain store - will host a cheese fondue evening every thursday from January till March (except February 8). 39,00 € per person (including a starter and a shot). Event dates: February 15, February 22, March 1, March 8 & March 15 - reservation neccesary!




Several dates


Together with our beer sommelier, you can experience how beer is produced up close. In the small copper-coated brewing system, you will be able to immerse yourself in the art of brewing and learn to become a master brewer yourself! The number of people who can take part is limited to 12 persons.

Current dates:  February 11 // March 25 // April 15 // November 18 // December 9




February 14 till 26, 2018

31th Ayinger Fish Week

The visit of Lutz Natusch and his team of chefs from Germany’s north coast has become a real tradition. The large variety, the exceptional preparation and the truly unique quality of the fish are things that you cannot allow yourself to miss out on this year.




Up until March 31st, 2018


In the Aying Brewery Snuggery, we will be breathing new life back into traditional dishes from January through until March. From Bavarian duck fresh from the oven on the weekend, to fish and pastries on Fridays, we will be serving traditional dishes right throughout the week.

March 29th to April 2th, 2018


In our restaurant »August und Maria«, we will be serving our traditional Easter dishes. Egg-based dishes on Holy Thursday, fish specialities on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday
 blessed lamb or fawn amongst other things.

April 23rd, 2018


While our guests in the Aying Brewery Snuggery party to traditional Bavarian music, those in our restaurant »August und Maria« will be able to enjoy a very special beer menu full of the multi-award winning Aying beer specialities.

February 16th till March 29th, 2018


During strong-beer time from February 16th till March 29th, 2018, the multi-award winning Aying Celebrator will be served once again in traditional stone jugs in our Aying Brewery Snuggery.

April 13th, 2018


Hans Schönauer will not only be putting the evening’s programme together, but will also guide you through this wonderful evening full of traditional folk music in our ballroom.
Beginning: 8:00 o'clock
15,00 € per person, reservation highly recommended!

15. April 2018


Brauen Sie unter Anleitung von Biersommelier Alexander Moosbauer Ihr erstes eigenes Bier!

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier




May 1st, 2017


Starting from 11 am, our traditional Mayfest with traditional Bavarian music will take place in the Aying Brewery Snuggery. The Maypole in front of the Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying is 52 metres tall, weighs 10 tonnes, and was erected by the Ayinger Burschenverein (Aying Bachelors’ Club) using traditional Scherenstangen, long wooden poles used to lift the Maypole into place, on May 1st, 2014.

The 1st Tuesday of every month


On the 1st Tuesday of every month all types of music are celebrated at our regular musician's table in the Aying Brewery Snuggery - as long as its Bavarian! And whoever dares, is very welcome to join in and play themselves. Everyone who would like to drop in and just enjoy the music is also very welcome of course. The first Tuesday of every month, starting from 7 pm.

May 31th, 2018


One of the most important dates on the Christian calendar during which the living presence of Jesus Christ is celebrated in the sacrament of the Eucharist. This day is traditionally celebrated with a Corpus Christi procession.

June 24th, 2018


In order to honour the founder of the Brauerei Aying (Aying brewery) Johann Liebhard, we celebrate his Saint’s Day with traditional Bavarian music in the Aying Brewery Snuggery starting from 6 pm. Everyone who also has their Saint’s Day on this day will receive a free half-pint of beer.

August 28th, 2018


In honor of August Zehentmair, we celebrate his saint's day. Starting at 6 PM.